Poetry by Seth Jani

When It Comes


The peace becomes unbearable,

The perfect contours of your life

Settled on perfectly symmetrical streets

And suddenly you realize

It’s a fire you want!

Something unexpected

That will make your head jolt

Side to side

Trying to catch whatever it was

That rushed past you

Ruffling your hair.


You’ll throw the laundry

In the street,

Pack as many books

As you can carry,

Burn the odds and ends

That cannot fit

Into the sad suitcase

And leave a poem

On your desk

Aptly titled “Goodbye.”


You’ll walk the old road

Out of town,

Or crack the sleeping car awake,

Rear forth in the early-morning frost,

The cigarette’s lonely cat’s eye

Your only beacon

In the old, untrusting dark.

One response to “Poetry by Seth Jani

  1. A very fine poem. I like it especially because it is a poem and not what is called a “prose poem.” Work went into crafting this. It is not prose hiding in drag.

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