Two poems by satnrose

The Circus Tea

the tent show queen served darjeeling black
and biscuits, the liontamer

the guys who rigged the rigging
came with not so ugly girls
and passed white lightning around

the trapeze set up

no net

The Gamble

it’s your deal
I know your kind

I don’t mind telling
don’t stop, keep pouring

about a year ago
I caught him

digging holes in my garden
denying everything

claimed someone framed him
could you believe?

could you imagine
how I felt just then?

I’m going to New York from here
if you will let me through

if not
I’m ready for another hand …


2 responses to “Two poems by satnrose

  1. R. Mckenzie of David

    Please email for Pauline’s sake….

  2. R. Mckenzie/David

    Poems good Joel.

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