Poetry by Renae Andruse

On Meeting Professors in the Bathroom



We examine ourselves mere feet away from each other,

Trying to decide who will say something first.

We wash our hands

Of not only the bacteria, but things like


Rhythm, diction, theme:

The things we’d just discussed in class

Before we both made our way over


To this awkward place of meeting.

Flush, say the toilets,


And I agree- flush go my cheeks

Because I don’t know what to say to you


In actual conversation.


4 responses to “Poetry by Renae Andruse

  1. Hey, I like it-gonna read it again! congrats on getting it published online

  2. The best part of this is how few words this poem takes to get across such a rich emotional history. The line break between the last two stanzas implies to me a startling (to the speaker) realization — that there is more to the professor than “rhythm, diction, theme” and that the speaker has never quite understood that before.

    Also, on the level of pure and fabulous wordplay, I love the double use of “flush.” Brilliant.

  3. I’m seconding Candace on this one; I absolutely loved the “flush” wordplay as well.

    And I love all your writing topics! I’ve never even thought about a moment such as that one, and here you are writing a short but relatable piece on the awkwardness of it all.

    It took me a long time to realize that teachers exist outside the classroom.

  4. I get it! Very nice work. It was great having you in class. No, I am not the one of “rhythm, diction, theme” More like “rhythm, pitch, timbre”. Dig?

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