Poetry by Jody Hicks

Erasing Religion

I remember the night you dipped your bible
into kerosene
and lit it with your cigarette,
burning your religion
as your Jesus filled the sky with smoke
and your disciples fell as ashes to your feet.

You never felt as free before,
or never as alone.

You want to travel back now,
but the path is nothing but broken bridges
and raging rivers of holy water.
I know you could never swim.

So hold your breath and go under.
You have no devil to help you drown,
nor a God to save you.


3 responses to “Poetry by Jody Hicks


  2. very nice. original, lyrical, not a wasted word. the poet is obviously an accomplished one.

  3. Good to see someone in America bucking the trend to believe in historical fables.

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