Poetry by Kate Green

Warm Welcome

the first to feel it

is the brain

an instant reaction

that takes a minute

to settle into the idea

the back of the throat and tongue

are next to notice the sting

from there it’s nothing more

than a trickle effect

that’s why it’s so hard

to break its sweet addiction

today’s a nice day

the sun is out

and the weather’s warm

got my sundress on

and this rhythm’s moving me

god damn I love this sound

he halfway guts himself singing

come to me

and I would walk out that door

but I’ve nowhere to go

the change in light

helps fill in the gaps

with a little censored hope

enough to make me

stand up dreaming

about a could-be crush

with beet blood

all over my hands

I won’t let it get me

not this day

I may not be

where I want to

but I’ve nothing

but thanks anyway

I can forget this rut

forget this itch

forget what I’m lacking

indulge myself

in the small pleasures

and new joys

like an African violet terrarium

potted just for me

when I put in

a couple of painted shells

bobbing with their turtle necks

the child that never died

but also never

fully saw the day

comes alive

for as long as the world allows

breathing in the soil

the slightly acidic smell

soon my Natal plum

may shower me with blooms

helping this space to take

on a more pleasing shape

while I warm the bed

for no one but myself

it’s welcoming

my thighs drape laced with

trails that take their time

to lead you straight

into the honey trap

there he sings again, yearning

if you do for me

I’d do you too

kiss me soft

on the back of my neck

take your time

coming ‘round

let the shiver

ride on out

before my lips

can’t take anymore

but I don’t want it

to quickly end

I’m insatiable

and this need grows

more when it feeds

I’ve been searching

my body for

a way out of this

but I’m coming to

the truth that I

need an automatic

to jump the gun

and come to me

I’m too starved

for the occasional fling

I’ll let my guards down

and live recklessly

so baby, leave it

drivin’ south

the trap’s lying waiting

for you to come around


One response to “Poetry by Kate Green

  1. Dear Kate Green,
    What can a young, female poet say? I appreciate you and your words. I feel every poem I read of yours (online or page) begins a cathartic process of personal permission-granting to speak/write of subjects once taboo. Thank you for writing the way you do.
    Morgan Rae Glazier

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