Poetry by Carrie Gilstrap-Nettle

Dear Ginnie,

and the rest of the screen is white,

White. A void

where three bullets replaced matter

with space.

What did they sound like?

To you?

The bullets?

They had to of moved differently than John

how he worked his way

into your life, slow and dark,

pulled you below the surface.

Those twelve years with him,

did you stay alive in your head at least?

Which part of you died first?

Was it sight? Hearing?

Was it memory?

Which part of you died first?

When the bullets slashed

through like his words, “You

will never leave me Gin.”, like his bullets

“You will never leave.”

But you have.

And you’ve left



3 responses to “Poetry by Carrie Gilstrap-Nettle

  1. Christopher Lake

    Very, very good. Painful. I’m so glad that you’re still writing, and writing as only you can. Never stop (I know you won’t)!

  2. Carrie Gilstrap-Nettle

    Thanks, Chris. 🙂 How are you?

  3. Dear Carrie Gilstrap-Nettle,
    As a former contributor to your journal, I thought you’d be interested in knowing that in December of 2009 Diminuendo Press launched the title of my poetry collection: EVERY CROW IN THE BLUE SKY.

    My web site is: http://www.everycrowinthebluesky.com

    I’ve received extremely favorable responses so far in the UK, but I’ve found it next to impossible to find someone to review the book in this country. I hope you’ll do me the honor of passing along this information.
    Burgess Needle

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