Poetry by David LaBounty

the old couch

was clean but

boring so

it was thrown

into the back

of my truck

and delivered

to a neighbor

of a relative

and the couch

was hauled

up crumbling

concrete bungalow

steps belonging

to a mother

and a daughter

and it was the

mother with the

pierced eyebrow

and the teenage

daughter was

wearing tight

shorts over

tree trunk thighs

even though it

was forty degrees

outside and the

couch was

pale blue

with white stripes

and it clashed

with their

brown carpet

and close beige walls

stained with

the exhaust

of a thousand cigarettes

and later, I

took my righteousness

to Starbucks and

went in the bathroom

and checked myself

in the mirror,

my middle-aged

eyebrows erratic and

untamed clashed

with the clean porcelain

and shiny chrome and

earthtoned walls

and I was so

out of tune

with the soft

rock music pouring

through the speakers

and even more

out of tune with

the young dude

at the next urinal

who was pissing

and text messaging away.


One response to “Poetry by David LaBounty

  1. Spare and beautiful.

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