Poetry by Alan King

As If 
Clyde tells the attendant

thirty on two and asks

for two Honey Dutches

then flails his braids

stepping to the crunk

blasting through Ravi’s

rolled down windows where

Ernesto bobs his head in

the backseat ‘til a gold Impala

rolls into the gas station

they stare as a woman exits

the driver’s side her copper

thighs snug in denim shorts

I imagine their minds a slide-

show of her on all-fours or

balanced in a back-arch pose

a minute before, they

were snapping their fingers

rhyming to Lil’ Jon

now they’re slack-

jawed for the bulbous

breasts & calves

as if relearning the world—

their motor skills shocked

by the intense moment

I was fourteen the first

time my blood rippled at the

lunar force of a woman

when I shared the other guys’

fascination with the soft shapes

under Ashli’s fitted tees

& her peach gloss we dreamed

of smearing with awkward kisses

knowing our chances were

as slim as any hoop dream

but watching Ravi & his boys

as the lady exits the shop,

how can I not feel them

wanting to be the figure in

the passenger seat of her car—

there, then vanished

like a mirage

As If


One response to “Poetry by Alan King

  1. Memories of moving into manhood…

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