Poetry by Magnificent Guffaw

Ho Ho Ho and all that
punch took a swing and missed tiger Nelson
sitting between the legs of a nasty little bandsaw
sweaty machines dripped envy
as the copy coil lost its sheen in amidst creation
and a loan man in the corner who through coins at a wicker bin
sitting ten yards away
In 1969 there was an even that changed the world
I did not ask any questions
so I wrote them down
and stuck them in a brown envelope.
Spilt coke on my desk
that didn’t work
let me start again
In 1969 there was an even that changed the world
or so I was told from a wiseman who wore purple jodphurs
over a charity shop sweater
Some guy organized a concert
and whats that,,,,
ring me back and we can start again
Ok, maybe this time
in 1969 there was an event that changed the world
I was born
Tell me I’m Wrong
Splendid Cambridge grad you took me for a ride
down the river
in a vessel that skimmed the surface like a waterboat man
can’t remember what the vessel was called
but it rhymed with the naughty C-Word
Television don’t go to my head
I think I watched what I was told do
read what would make me intelligent
smiled when I thought it would be appropriate
ate what was wise
didn’t drink too much
A sponge absorbing all this information
without the means
to express

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