Poetry by Teneice Durrant Delgado

Another Woman


After our work of shuffling

between tables and kitchen, fetching

and smiling and nodding, we go out

for drinks, sit in a barely lit bar

and you dare me to smoke

your cigarette, tease

me because I’ve never

inhaled. I take the dare because

we are drunk

and the mascara around your eyes

has smudged,

but instead of putting the Marlboro

to my lips, it is your own mouth

pushing wet smoke past my tongue,

your fingertips pressing

the back of my neck

so I can’t pull away. My lungs catch

the clouded air you gave me

and I cough, hard, as if breathing

for the first time.



First Drag



It was easy to forget she was


a man as we watched the cant


of her hips she lip-synched to


Kelly Clarkson whipped her long


red wig around wide shoulders when


the chorus came we sang it up to her


an offering to a rhinestone goddess at a velvet


temple bleeding ecstatic in the feeling of


an exotic parade and dollars waved into


air-brushed cleavage




the crush of a


dance floor after the trance of peacock


feathers I don’t know whether the hand on


my ass is hers or his but the bass is


thumping and what does it matter who I thump


with tonight in this eternal twilight.



Welcome Mat


The dark birds, sick of home, make their V

across an angry summer sky.

I wonder

if you have this urge or how many times

your fingerprints have dirtied an unfamiliar

doorknob, anticipating the twist.

Is there power

in the patient wait? I have mastered this

while you were away, sent overseas before

we could re-align our bodies into the cleave.

I want to meet you at the airfield, but I am

forbidden. In your letters with foreign postmarks,

you tell me the crowds may be swollen

and dangerous.

Did you forget my hips

are the sharp cradle, a martini glass?


2 responses to “Poetry by Teneice Durrant Delgado

  1. Wow! That’s some damned good writing. Do you have other work that is currently posted elsewhere or will soon be posted?

  2. Hey David, Thanks! I have some stuff at thefurnacereview.com fall 2006 and hopefully a few more coming up soon.

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