Poetry by Michael McGowan


On the balcony where candles met stars
You flickered and burned.
In Kelvingrove, they cheered in the bars
As our CD turned.

I took the risk, accepted the glory,
Posed in your light,
Attracted a crowd, told them the story
Of the balcony nights.

But soon the playful passion passed
Distance grew as we moved closer.
Balcony memories faded fast.
By the fire your thighs grew colder.

And the body that once ached for me
Now ignores me so blatantly.
Welcome hollowness, hello fake.
Hold me in your limp arms
And let me wake


Coming to Esher

Head erect
Past Berrylands pond
Stiffen the chest
Beat the rest
Now Surbiton’s gone

Ready and set
Up he gets
Long before the station
Domino effect
The seats eject
The males of the Esher nation

With a smile so trite
Yet a tad polite
They guard their coveted station
No need for brawn
In order to spawn
This premature evacuation

Exertion over
Breathing deeper and slower
To the rhythm of the jolting train
Then through splayed door
They suddenly pour –
Unexpected splattering rain

Michael McGowan is a Scottish teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages. He teaches migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in London. He writes for fun and only rarely.


One response to “Poetry by Michael McGowan

  1. Wonderful rhythm and imagery in Bathing. Hope to see more of your work here.

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