Poetry by Emmanuel Sigauke


Through windows, we have seen so much,
what sees us and what doesn’t
what cares, what scares
aware or oblivious
these scattered and scarred details
have dressed our view
the windows serve.

Through windows, we’ll seen so much
We’ll see what massages the eye
We’ll see what pricks hope
We’ll see the present, and when they disappear
sometimes the windows will give opportunities
for us to see the absent; the secret is:
We’ll have to keep looking.

Emmanuel Sigauke was born in Zimbabwe, where he started writing at the age of thirteen. After graduating from the University of Zimbabwe with a BA in English, he moved to California where he completed graduate studies. He teaches English at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento and is on the editorial team of the Cosumnes River Journal. He has published poetry in journals and magazines in Zimbabwe, Ireland, Finland, and the United States. His recent publications have appeared in Virtual Poet, Slow Trains Journal, Ibhuku, Ovi Magazine, Zygote in My Coffee, and African Writer.com .


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