Poetry by Mikel K

The Evil Things Plaguing Us



I pour too much non-dairy creamer

in my coffee,

making it colder

than I like it.

I could microwave it,

but, for some reason,

I don’t like microwaved coffee.

I used to use half and half,

or milk, but I have mostly

stopped using them, as people

have told me that milk is


Do you know that this summer

people are not being allowed

to swim in many of our oceans

because the oceans are polluted

and you would die to swim with

the tide?

Mickey Mouse has lung cancer

from smoking Camel cigarettes.

Daffy Duck has had a breast


Superman stays inside most of

the time; he can’t deal with

the record breaking heat that

is hitting us this summer,

so I guess I could drink milk

and half and half in my coffee;

they seem to be the least of

the evil things plaguing us.


“I’ll pour my eyes full of Visine and smile all day”


I don’t know what she was thinking.


We were planning to go have breakfast,

this morning, and do some shopping,

but then I got an email from her

telling me that she got no sleep last night,

an occurrence that happens to her, semi-regularly.

“I’ll pour my eyes full of Visine and smile all day,”

she said, in the email, making me feel

as if I was some sort of evil monster

who would keep here awake,

just so I could have fried eggs over medium well,

wheat toast, and hash browns smathered, tattered,

whooped and whammy-ed.

Anyway, she is happy that she can sleep

all day, and I have eggs in the refrigerator,

so all is well in paradise!!




catholic tits


catholic tits desiring

not a caress a lick

a bite

that leads to fornication

catholic tits that make no

mention of the word love,



husband husband husband.


somebody else s rules and

regulations for your body

for your mind must be met




catholic tits seeking wanting yearning

catholic tits laying home alone in bed

at night.


Mikel K is a father, a walker of the dogs, a cleaner of the cat litter
box, and a feeder of his turtles. He was once voted twice spoken word
performer of the year, for his work with
The Mikel K Band on the band’s
“Sober” and “Don’t Say Hate,” cd’s. (www.myspace.com/mikelkband)

K can best be described, today, through the following links:Outside Writer David Blaine questions K:


The K Vreeland Band:



Mikel K Books:





One response to “Poetry by Mikel K

  1. Loved them. Especially the one with the evil things. How true.. Maybe I should send Daffy a sympathy card..

    Great work.



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