Two Poems by Kurt D. Moore

Fading Youth

You want something more primal
Like the ultimate sin, Adam and Eve
Stick the snake in the hole sex.
From dives to hotels you search,
Certain the garden of Eden
Isn’t a holy Jerusalem shrine
But a hide-out on the streets of L.A.

It’s here you’ve seen Beauty,
Every curve in the right place
Golden skin shining like the heavens.
She’s got stars in her eyes too,
and on the inside of her thighs
Like a half-price Hollywood guide
hawking the way to salvation.

Not every beauty is a queen.
Some days she’s just a girl named Mary
Working her way through school,
Searching for a better life than dancing,
Shaking her “thang” for middle-aged boys
Trying to stick it in a fountain of youth
Hoping to stay out of a different hole.







The body is memory.
The body is appetite.
The body is a savior
I shall not want.

The mess of blankets sits.
Your form still huddles
Under covers, stretches taut.
My body still rings.

You called it passion.
I wanted grace but settled,
Whispered its given name
As I nestled in the folds.

It’s a fruit, you said.
I remember the taste,
Tart around the edges,
Sweet in the center.

The soul is soul food.
The body is tasty.
The appetite is honed.
My mother said to finish all.

Come and get it.
You stir, breath thick
Brushing against my back.
I do not wake you.

There are doctrines on taste.
Let it sit and simmer.
Compliment the flavors.
Eat it while it’s hot.

Food is to maintain.
Flavor is to mingle.
Hunger is to remind us.
Thirst keeps us coming back.

You wake, raise a leg.
You wrap it around me.
I think of the animal.
Food is for survival.





Kurt D. Moore is a central Ohio journalist who has moderated online poetry chatrooms and volunteered to teach creative writing at a state prison. He has been published in Half Drunk Muse and Flutter. He is part of a team working to develop Cappuccino Flava, a poetry newsletter/e-zine that will publicize online poetry.



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