Poetry by Joseph Lisowski

the following two poems are from the unpublished collection Stashu Kapinski Dreams of Glory. Stashu Kapinski is an amalgam of voices from the Lawrenceville neighborhood in Pittsburgh where Joseph Lisowski grew up; unemployed steel workers, chronic drunks, disenfranchised immigrants who – in spite of it all – have not totally given up hope.

Who’s To Blame?

Sick an’ tired, sick an’ tired.

Old an’ wired, old an’ wired.

I live in a lotta places.

None seem to fit.

Left turn, left turn, right.

Don’t matter where I sit,

The same ass is there.

What a pain!


Crows ain’t like pigeons,

which nobody likes.

They ain’t like the old nuns,

them round doughy mounds

or walkin’ squawkin’ sticks.

They’s just like alley boys

struttin’ over trash,

lookin’ for eyes to peck.

They’s there first thing

in the morning, last at night,

waitin’ to spy somethin’ weak.

From 1986 to 1996, Joseph Lisowski was Professor of English at the University of the Virgin Islands. St. Thomas serves as the setting for Looking for Lisa, his recently published novel available from Fiction Works (http://www.fictionworks.com). Dr. Lisowski is now teaching at Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina. Recent chapbooks include Letters to Wang Wei, along with two essays, (Words on a Wire); After Death’s Silence (2River View); and Grief Work (Kota Press), JB, a dialogue in poem form between John the Baptist and King Herod (PoetryRepairShop), Stashu Kapinski Strikes Out (Rank Stranger Press), Fatherhood at Fifty (Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry), Sketches of an Island Life (dpi press), and Art Lessons (Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry). The chapbook, Stashu Kapinski Gets Lucky, was recently published by Pudding House Press.



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