Poetry by Christopher Major




Water vapour


pooled and ran,

the pressure build

causing grey smoke

to twist

and mist

the glass.


a seething;

a bubbling turmoil;

slowly distilling

and driving off spirit.



they turn a key,

unhook a hosepipe,

the ‘catalyst’,

a girlfriend,

finds out

from his family…..



Christopher Major lives in Staffordshire England, where he’s training to be a Psychiatric Nurse. His poems have appeared in many UK print mags including Pennine Platform, Outposts, Poetry Monthly, Poetry Nottingham, Sepia and online at, amongst others, Snakeskin ,Zygote, A little Poetry, Poetrykit, High Horse ,Haggard and Halloo, Indite Circle, Gypsy, Blue House, Undergroundvoices, Thieves Jargon , Lily and Stirring.



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