Poetry by Rachelle Renken

An Elegiac Grave



The long sleepless nights

horde the psyche,

while disturbed mornings

confiscate what’s left of

the sanity.

Time after time

it’s the same routine.

Day after day

it’s the same heartache.


Harsh anger controls

his actions, ceaseless

in its desire to hurt.


He creates havoc

to supplant his anguish

onto the one…


the one who loves him the most.


Anxiety and fear

have replaced the precious muse.

Fury and hurt

have crushed the precocious creativity.

Sorrow and pity

have destroyed the fluid pen.



there are no words

of encouragement

left to write,

and no more tears

lingering to be shed.


So much time,

so much love

spent preventing him

from digging his own somber grave

that I failed to detect,

to distinguish

that he had gradually dug mine.




Rachelle Renken lives in Pennsylvania


One response to “Poetry by Rachelle Renken

  1. This is very good. It really makes you think.

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