A Poem About Curtains, Drapes and Pulling Chains

I used to get



even angry

when the men would

approach me

and ask me

for stuff.



the use of my


whatever it was!

They came to the consensus –

I’m soft.

Be that as it


since I’ve been staying at

the shelter,

I’ve written more than

100 poems to show

for them.

They can have the shirt off

my back

and I’d know they

deserved it.

Homeless often equates

with stupid.

And they don’t


that salmon –

is pink.

Bob Boston is a poet residing on the East Coast. He has been writing for several years. Bob has recently had poetry accepted for publication by The Sundown Lounge, Silenced Press, Death Metal Poetry, The Verse Marauder, morsel(s), and Sinister Tales. Bob has his Ph.D, but he feels no need to wave it around like a trophy. Mr. Boston believes the best poetry comes from within the soul. He feels language merely helps the words come more concisely.


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