Good Things Are Gonna Happen Tonight, Says Uranus

tonight you’ve got that certain sparkle in your eye
that lazy hazel sparkle that suggests
if i put on the red nylon gown i bought at the garage sale last spring
you will do me doggy style
until i bark your name

tonight fireflies are buzzing around the cantaloupe moon
angels are swinging from stars
showing their heavenly thongs
all of this makes me wonder
what i have to bitch about

this is the night to make things happen in a big goddamn way
what things?
good things, i guess
things i won’t regret when i am dusty and forgotten
with lots of time to slaughter

this narrows things down
and i never learned how
to roller skate

Misti Rainwater-Lites has a few diversions (poetry, MySpace, cell
 phone photography) and several aversions, the main one being ass sex.
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